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VOLZ provides services for 20 years!
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Our customers can order this service at affordable prices while maintaining high quality. Cooperation with the VOLZ will open new opportunities for you.


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If you have not yet decided with which provider you may cooperate, then you may pay attention to our company. VOLZ is available on the market of telecommunication services for more than 20 years and provides high quality services for customers.

Due to the bandwidth of our communication channels, we provide high-quality Internet access. This service allows you to use all the advantages of the World Wide Web at high speed.



Do not waste your time on transfer of all files. Transfer to twenty Gb at a time!

Data transferring is called physical data transfer under the guise of a signal from one point to another point or from one point to two or more points through the use of telecommunication data transfer channels. Data transfer can be analog or digital, and is built using analogue or digital modulation coding. Analog communication - is the transfer of a digital signal, which changes all the time, and the digital communication is a continuous messaging. Our company takes the full advantage of this service and constantly invests in its development. Currently VOLZ clients may transfer to 20 Gb once.



IP-telephony is the most modern kind of telephony.


IP-telephony is a type of telephone service using the access channel to the Internet. The only prerequisite is the available Internet connection, the speed of which is not less than 128 Kbit / s. Thus, IP-phone will be available in all parts of the world where there is Internet access.

It will open for you an opportunity to connect with partners, who are not in Ukraine. For example, you have sent a responsible person, which should carry on negotiations and you have to give some extra instructions. With this service it will be very beneficial, convenient and useful when used.



Our company always listens to the views of customers. If you have any questions about the operation, technical problems or want to check the price of services - simply contact our customer support and we will help to solve all emerging problems, and professional consultants of VOLZ will answer on any questions. To do this you need to fill out a form on the site, or visit our office, or call to 24h technical support by next number 247-40-08.



Our company provides all the conditions for accommodation of all types of sites.


Our company provides this service in several ways. The first is shared hosting (server with many sites, for which administrators receive identical rights). Second - this is a dedicated virtual server (independent of the disk space on the server with fixed resources; the website owner himself can manage the programs).

The third type is called a dedicated server (administrator receives all rights to own server with a single operating system and software). And the last type of service - co-location is the placement of servers owned by the institution, a bank, etc. in the data center of our company. Thus, we implement all the features of this service and provide high-quality hosting to all clients.